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Shame,embarrassment, penitence and discipline.

Professor, you need me to do WHAT for extra credit? 😈 okay I’m downnnn😋😋

I know y’all wanna see this nude schoolgirl shoot.
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Contemplating her fate

A good way to add to the embarrassment of corner time. And if she lets the cane fall, that means extras....

Made to exercise nude in the back garden before her spanking starts. Are the neighbours watching?

I think the message is getting through

Concentrating on doing the job well.

"I hope that little outburst was worth it, Miss Samantha."  The dorm mother scolded the tearful new student.  "Now it's an an early bedtime for you, and no supper!"

She could hear people, knew they were watching, walking by as he pressed her body into the brick building. They had just stumbled out of the bar, they hadn’t made it 10 feet, when she felt his hands forcing their way up her tight dress, the feel of his hands on her bare thighs, against her bare ass as he pulled her thong aside, and pressed her against the wall. She knew she should make him stop, but she didn’t want to. She was drunk, that’s all this was.But God, she could feel his hardon pressing into her, fuck that made her wet, she had made his dick hard. She could smell booze on his breath as he kissed and sucked at her neck and God, that felt good too, his warm breath against her skin in the cold air. She could hear his slurred words spill into her ear as he told her she was sexy, she was such a sexy lil slut . “God, your pussy’s already wet, you really are a dirty lil whore aren’t you, you love this don’t you, my fingers inside you, fucking you.”She moaned into the wall, she didn’t expect to, but God his thick fingers just rammed themselves up into her wet cunt and she moaned. And his fingers, thick drunk fingers, fucking so fast, without caution, or self awareness, just grinding and fucking greedily. She had to make him stop, she could hear people laughing, they were watching, watching her get fucking fingered and molested on the street, like a fucking whore. And that made her cum a little, just the thought of them watching her.But Jesus, his fingers, he was so drunk, he was slamming them in so hard her body was getting slammed into the wall, and oh, fuck, he’s shoving one up my ass, “Ohhh”, she groaned so loud as he pressed inside opening her up from behind, jesus, she was gonna cum, for real cum, right here, on the street, God she could feel her pussy running down her legs, she could hear that wet splash every time he slammed his fingers inside, She felt his fingers probing deep up her ass, penetrating her from behind, from both ends, from … God, strangers were gonnna watch her cum on the street …

... and then they had two cod and chips, with scraps, and a can of pop.

"I you think that attitude is going to help you, young lady, you are very sadly mistaken"